hi, my name is Chelsey.

I came into the world in the dead of winter, 4 days after Christmas, and sometimes I feel like this is the most telling thing about me. Bare tree branches, hot coffee, snow fall, weather so cold it feels like it's biting your face are all dear friends of mine. I believe there is more concrete evidence of beauty in the winter months than almost anywhere else--except maybe Norway, British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest (shoutout to my fav places). I write from the belief that there is beauty to be found in even in the barest, coldest, darkest parts of our humanity, just as there are glimpses of glory to be praised in the depths of winter. 

I am a worshipper, traveler, adventure seeker and spontaneity advocate. I am constantly learning how to be more curious. I moved to music city to write songs and it is still the thing that makes me come alive most. If there is a ledge for my feet to hang off of or a rock for me to climb or a body of water for me to kayak in, I am down one hundred percent of the time. This is the documentation of my life and travels on this long, sweet, winding road I am walking with Jesus. I am so glad you stopped by.