once upon

a time

there was a 15-year-old girl who was gifted a red Ovation guitar for Christmas. She began writing songs about the woes of adolescence, spending all of her free time in the company of an 8-track recorder and half-finished basement, until she decided that she must relocate from her hometown in the suburbs of Chicago to Music City. Eight years, a few wrong turns, and one college degree later and (surprise!) that girl is me. Along the way, I have discovered that I have only one true aspiration as a songwriter, storyteller, and human being: tell the truth. That means no sugarcoating; no watering down; no dolling it up until it is something prettier and less real. I vow to give you as much of myself as I know how. It is my deepest hope as a creator that, by telling my truth, you may gain a little more insight and feel a little less alone in your own. We are in this together. I am so glad you stopped by.

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Sounds like hiding away with a perfectly pressed cup of coffee in a pacific northwest cabin on a gloomy autumn day whilst a candle flickers gently in the corner.


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